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Making a Family Coat of Arms


Reset the World


I have been looking back over my YouTube channel for the past year and come to an amazing conclusion. You have one idea for a channel and it grows and develops into something else.

When I look at my video history I talk a lot about collections, un-boxings with a couple of movie reviews and some nice footage of the places I have been. I steered away from the current affairs, the debates, my personal life and my personal opinions.


Perhaps it’s because I wanted viewers to share in my passions and for the most part I have achieved this.

I really want to start to give my opinions on things however and invite constructive debate. I really want the channel to be completely interactive with the viewer. Of course, starting down this road, like many other You Tubers will note, invites the trolls.

We live in a world where people want to be recognised. Whether that be for good or bad I have no idea. What makes a person want to hurt another? Is it to feel good?

What makes a person want to shoot down a nightclub in Orlando?

What makes a person want to shoot and kill a You Tube personality?

I sit back and think of all the things we have achieved as a species. From the advent of fire, to the creation of the wheel to the monoliths of society that are all around us today and I wonder.

Why are we all so hell-bent on destruction? The human race has become just that. A race to be better than your fellow-man. I think the whole living in peace and harmony with each other has gone wayward.

So how do we fix the world we live in? I don’t have the answers but something needs to change.

It would be great if the world had a reset button like a PC. Clean slate. Start again. It will happen one day but what way that will present itself is anyone’s guess.

What do you think?

How can the world be put to rights?


Pompey Bound


Nothing is more nourishing for the soul then a trip down to Portsmouth. On a hot evening, sitting outside the old “Still and West”, watching the harbour is a something that I could do indefinitely.


Haven’t had a beer in a very very long time but my little shenanigans this weekend certainly made up for that.

To end the weekend I went to see the Warcraft Movie. Yes, if you like the game you will probably love the movie. It started off slow, the middle was bad and the less said about the end the better 😀

The Dreaded Lurgy


Normally I wouldn’t bother you all with tales of my illnesses but this one is quite amusing.

I would love to tell you that I have man-flu but I can’t. Instead, nature has decided to give me a more localised illness squarely on my Larynx. I feel fine. I feel great. I feel chipper. Can I talk though? Nope.

The feeble grunts, moans and wheezes are all my lovely mouth can communicate and this has caused me a real problem.

Firstly, my job involves using my voice. I have to call service clients for car dealerships that their vehicles are now due for maintenance. As I found out last night, that was pretty much impossible to the point it was almost comical.

Next, I make YouTube videos. I have just had a LootCrate delivered and I can’t open it because I do not have a voice to communicate with. I could always mime what I want to say. Alternatively, I could play some jolly piano medley and reminisce in the days of silent cinema.

Please come back to my voice. All is forgiven.