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Why I Started my YouTube Channel

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Sometimes you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn, and rise again as a stronger, wiser version of you – Unknown

My YouTube channel has just reached 1000 subscribers. It has taken me a year and I really wanted to hit that target by July. My channel means a lot more to me then just the content that is produced and it has been my pride and joy since my life was dealt a new hand in 2013. Some of you may have followed my Blog back then when the proverbial “Shit hit the fan”.

After the events, that changed my life, I lost all interest in writing. In fact, to be honest, I lost all interest in everything. That is when I found my release. I created a YouTube channel.

Just like my old Blogging  site I wanted it to be a testament to where I was, where I was going, my likes and dislikes and a record for my children. It was also a way to keep my mind occupied and my focus straight.

When I started my YouTube channel I never even thought anyone would watch it. A little like my WordPress Blog. I can write words down as they feed from my mind but you never know what audience they are going to reach. This was the same for my videos. I have a great love of gadgets, movies, Star Wars, Comics, Star Wars, Travel, Star Wars… get the idea, but I also have a great love of knowledge, understanding, learning and interaction.

I am now 75 videos in and have realised that I have created my own video journal, my own account of what I was doing at this time and this really inspires me. The fact I get the share this journey with all of my viewers is an added bonus and I hope this fool does keep you entertained. (At least some of the time.)

I really do miss the writing though. I miss the interaction only words can portray. Sure I can do a video diary every day but I find you touch a more emotional level when words are put onto paper. This is why I am starting up my Blogging channel again to compliment my YouTube channel. I will link videos here but will also try to engage as many people as possible in a forum that I have grown to love.

Wayne has been reborn. It took a long time to find me again but I want to share the next chapter of my journey with you.

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel the link is here

Please also follow my Blog and I will try and keep you entertained for many years to come.