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Repairing the Garden


One is near to God in the garden, then anywhere else on the earth

Way back in March I created a video in regards to how my garden looked after the Winter period. It was a really sorry mess and to say I had my work cut out for  me trying to get the lawn back in one piece was an understatement.

Mrs WorldofWayne is always amused when we go shopping I always pick up a box of grass seed. Yes, to get it to the state it is now in that picture has already taken 8 boxes of seed.

If you want a thick, luscious green lawn just follow these instructions. The patches you see in the picture above are now germinating although the lawn does need cutting.

  • Cut Lawn
  • Water Garden
  • Seed Garden
  • Roll Garden
  • Apply topsoil or compost over seed
  • Roll Garden

Repeat every time it is time to cut the lawn. Oh and don’t forget water. Even with the English weather I water it every day throughout the summer.

Check out how it was looking in March.