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The Dreaded Lurgy


Normally I wouldn’t bother you all with tales of my illnesses but this one is quite amusing.

I would love to tell you that I have man-flu but I can’t. Instead, nature has decided to give me a more localised illness squarely on my Larynx. I feel fine. I feel great. I feel chipper. Can I talk though? Nope.

The feeble grunts, moans and wheezes are all my lovely mouth can communicate and this has caused me a real problem.

Firstly, my job involves using my voice. I have to call service clients for car dealerships that their vehicles are now due for maintenance. As I found out last night, that was pretty much impossible to the point it was almost comical.

Next, I make YouTube videos. I have just had a LootCrate delivered and I can’t open it because I do not have a voice to communicate with. I could always mime what I want to say. Alternatively, I could play some jolly piano medley and reminisce in the days of silent cinema.

Please come back to my voice. All is forgiven.